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heat wave part one

so, as you may have heard (somehow i doubt you haven't), new york is curently in the  grasp of an ungodly heat wave coupled with extraordinarily high levels of humidity. i am attempting to compensate by huddling in the air conditioning, drinking ice cold beer, and eating delicious fairway golden cherries floating in a bowl of ice water. my genius of a roommate does not have so much as a single fan: i suspect he will collapse of heatstroke within the next couple of days. we don't get relief until thursday, which is really unpleasant to think about.

i started reading my first haruki murakami book today, norwegian wood. it's compelling and gorgeous: he has the lyricism of nabokov coupled with the poignancy of a classic doomed love story. i'm told it's relatively atypical for murakami, that it doesn't have the sense of magic and whimsy he usually displays, but i like it just fine. i've also been meaning to track down some stephen king (don't laugh!) when i get the chance; specifically the dark tower series. i've always had a bit of a weakness for fantasy.

allegedly, i am going to a concert this saturday in bridgeport, ct. keller williams, bob weir....hippy stuff. hopefully there will be plenty of hippies there, with hippy accoutrements. going to jam bands during the summer has become a bit of a tradition for me and my friends from home. always a fun scene--nothing like the shitty concerts i went to in middle school: korn, staind, limp bizkit, slipknot, marilyn manson and the like. man, those were sad days. at least i saw ben folds five before they split.

new music discoveries: "hey there delilah" (don't judge...it's about a columbia girl...), the new album by the killers, regina spektor (thanks bluemiree), NEW KANYE W/DAFT PUNK, nine inch nails "year zero" (awesome concept album). go listen!

and the sun will set for you

well, it's been over two years since i deleted my last journal, kolavon. needless to say i've changed a lot in those years. i've gone through a lot, and, as is my habit, discarded my old beliefs and habits to embrace new ones. i like to think i've grown up a little bit.
and yet, i still feel relatively unfulfilled in my current life. it could be and has been worse, but i am somewhat isolated and dissatisfied with my current existence, which is, in theory, what i always wanted.
so i figure starting up again couldn't hurt. i used to enjoy LJ an awful lot, and maybe it'll prove useful again.

oh, and thanks to bluemiree for convincing me to start again



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